Yuval Dayan in the first post after the incident with the US president"B: "I write this in tears"

The singer Yuval Dayan responded today (Friday) in the first post after the storm with the US president"B, after she refused to shake his hand due to her religious values ​​while keeping touch and asked to put this incident behind her and move on.

"first of all thanks Thank you for the privilege and the exciting status. Thanks to Ran, the perfect partner, for the exciting performance together, and for this moment." Yuval opened her words.

She said that "A week ago I was asked, will you shake the president’s hand? And I thought about it deeply. After all, there is a conflict here between two values ​​that are clear to me and engraved deep in my soul, maintaining touch – which for me comes both from a religious place, and from a place that many will not understand, when from the age of 16.5 I am exposed to so many people and I have a desire to protect myself in a certain way through clothing and touch, I have never I’ve touched drugs, I’ve never been drunk on stage, you’ve never seen me insult anyone.. Nobility and human respect are basic values ​​I was raised on and in the future I’ll educate my children on. I ask everyone who claimed that I have no way of life, to retract his words and apologize, not to me, but to my parents. They are the ones who are in charge of my education and they get an image on the street that is light years removed from reality on social networks. Everyone hugs them and asks to give me love. It is easier to make fires online, because you are not seen. But there is a whole house behind me and two parents who lie to me, so please."

"Against the second value" added, "of not bleaching one’s face in public. I decided at the end of a long internal discussion to explicitly announce: I am keeping touch and I will not be able to break my word. What will all those whose hand I refused to shake say? I don’t have a word? I consulted a lot, how to do this in the most respectful way and please believe me… I am a terribly sensitive person. My stomach turned more from this fear of embarrassing him than from the size of the class. And I understood that the president himself specifically asked not to touch him or take a picture with him. I calmed down. Nevertheless, I religiously followed the updates from the moment he landed in Israel, my mind rested when I was informed that Lair Lapid did not shake hands, and to many other officials he extended a fist, but I was stressed again when he hugged the dear survivors of the Holocaust."

Photography: Shay Franco

"I didn’t sleep all night" Yuval told "My heart was racing and I said to myself: tomorrow when you arrive at the president’s house for the general rehearsal – emphasize again to everyone that you are keeping your touch, that it be clear and that you don’t embarrass anyone! And that’s what I did. The president’s spokesman, the CEO of the president’s house, public relations, all the employees and officials in the president’s house, and there is also a joke that even the olive trees in the president’s house know – that Yuval Dayan keeps a touch. Only after I made sure, close to 500 times, that everyone knows and understands, and that no trouble will come from me, and I promise you, dear followers, that I was less nervous about the size of the class than this handshake. It freaked me out so much, that I would have to embarrass someone, no matter how big he is, in front of everyone, I was calm and confident that he would be fine. And even if something happens, you will understand me. Anyone who knows me since the age of 0 knows that I didn’t do it maliciously and I never liked to get into public hysterics. I got off the stage excited and went to another show, I was just shocked by the intensity of the storm I entered…"

"And now I ask you. Religious Secular Jews Christians Muslims Leftists Rightists, after watching the video, would my body language seem condescending or grateful to you? Did I act brutally on stage, did I disgrace the President of the United States? Did I, I punched him in the face 3 times and blushed, did I whiten his face in public?!?!?!? Throughout the performance of the song I smiled at him, and my eyes radiated unity. I was there at that moment on stage, and it passed in a natural and relaxed way. And another question: If I were to shake his hand and go against my principles, would you really appreciate me more? What were the headlines then, “Religious only sometimes”, “Religious according to her own opinion?” Again: I made sure and emphasized to everyone that no handshakes would be allowed, I asked Ran Denker to back me up on stage and extend a hand in my place. The only thing I regret is that my name is involved in controversy. I am writing this in tears and I am asking you in every language of request, if you see any more fire around this issue just do not participate. Do not respond and let the topic fade away by itself." Requested by Yuval Dayan.

Yuval stressed: "My goal is to do good. I sing from the heart and soul. I just don’t know how to lie, neither to myself nor to the President of the United States. I’m sorry to everyone who felt embarrassed, I repeat that I had no intention of offending, and I know that if the media had not sampled this moment and put it in the headlines, it would have gone down your throat as smoothly and intuitively as possible. Because you know me. I grew up on beautiful and priceless values ​​and principles. I love you and appreciate all the thousands of messages and phone calls I’ve received, whether it’s from religious, secular institutions, international women’s organizations that understand that a woman’s body is hers, and simple people like me and you. Please, let’s put this behind us. let it be"❤

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