company "Herman" will supply the digital cockpit system to the automotive giant Toyota

The automotive company "Herman", which designs and manufactures connected products and solutions for car manufacturers, consumers and organizations worldwide, will supply its Digital Cockpit system based on the use of 5G technology, to the giant Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. The achievement expands the company’s customer base beyond the United States"in and Europe. According to estimates in the global automotive industry, the scope of the transaction is close to 80 million dollars.

The system simplifies the display in the car and displays on huge screens the information needed by the driver in an intuitive and clear interface. Among the included functions: ADAS (advanced vehicle assistance systems) information, current navigation, multimedia playback and a variety of other operating menus. A similar HARMAN solution is currently provided for the BMW iX electric SUV.

Photo: Herman Israel

Among the key partners in planning the solution and technology is the Harman Israel team, which specializes in computer vision and deep learning technologies. An augmented reality (AR) navigation system developed by the Israeli team is already integrated into the new generation of Mercedes-Benz cars (A-Class series, ML-Class and others).

Toyota’s future cars will be equipped with"Communication center" Wireless, with the option of wireless communication and GPS. The system provides various functions, including information about the traffic on the roads, calling for emergency rescue during a traffic accident and tracking the location of a stolen car. It is also used for updating, or downloading through OTA communication – Over The Air developed in Israel – of various vehicle operating software and multimedia content, which play an essential role in connected vehicles.

Photo: Herman Israel

"A digital cockpit is not a collection of technologies and gadgets, but deals with the ability to combine products and technologies in accordance with and closely to the driver’s preference, and for the benefit of creating a new and more efficient driving experience," Michal Geva, CEO, explains"Leith Herman Israel. According to her, the company sees the car of the future through elements that involve the user experience. The company develops (and even revealed), for example, cameras and screens that replace mirrors as well as augmented reality navigation systems, focusing mainly on personalizing the driver’s environment – for the driver and the passengers. “The fact that in the near future it will be possible to identify exactly who the person behind the wheel is and we will be able to provide him with a host of personalized applications through the cloud and wireless connectivity (OTA), is the next breakthrough in the automotive field,” says Geva.

Michal Geva, CEO of Herman Israel. Photo: Samdar Kfari

“The infotainment systems are part of the general picture and the trend,” says Geva. “The screens in your car will be adjusted to your needs and taste… When you get into the car, it will adjust the podcast you missed the night before, including the preferences saved in the system, a variety of driving aids, such as distance keeping systems, or emergency braking. After you save your personal preferences in the system, the next time you get into the car, it will already know it’s you and the systems will be adjusted to you.’

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