Everything you wanted to know about electric aluminum pergolas

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Electric aluminum pergolas are part of the family of different aluminum pergolas because the main thing that distinguishes them from the rest of the models, whether it is those that hang on the wall of the house or those that stand on four legs, is the roof that can be moved electrically, in other words – you are given the option Adjust the amount of exposure to the sun’s rays in the designated area at any time you want. Along with the aforementioned, it can be said unequivocally that electric aluminum pergolas block the rain completely and also, in light of the fact that water and electricity do not get along – electric aluminum pergolas contain drainage systems whose function is to drain the rain to the outside without causing any damage to the electrical systems that are in the pergolas . Also, the electric pergola has two other types, with the first being an electric pergola that comes with blinds, while the second will be a standard electric pergola.

Electric aluminum pergolas – installation steps

You can say that you have installed Electric aluminum pergolas It is a particularly identical installation to the installation of normal aluminum pergolas. In order to make order for you in the mess, we have summarized the installation steps for you in order:
1. Ordering the pergola from a professional – first, you will have to contact a reliable and experienced professional through a message or a telephone conversation in which you will detail the conditions of the garden or alternatively the conditions of your balcony, in order to formulate together the ideal direction for the space available to you. After that, the professional will come to the same space in order to take measurements and understand the rest of the conditions of the area while asking pointed questions such as, is this a job that requires the use of a crane? Is there access to transport the materials? And a number of different questions and so in fact, he will be able to formulate a price quote for you for the installation.
2. Preparing the order – after you have made a decision about the pergola you wish to place in your balcony or garden space, now all that is left for you is to wait. However, it can be said unequivocally that in most cases aluminum pergolas arrive in a relatively short period of time.
3. The installation phase – the installation phase of an electric aluminum pergola is a slightly complex phase compared to the other different aluminum pergolas, therefore, it is a process that requires a longer period of time. When we talk about the installation of electric aluminum pergolas, it is a process that may take one to two days, depending on the size of the pergola and the intended location. The professional you contacted will arrive with all the relevant parts in coordination with the measurements taken ahead of time, will assemble the parts together and on top will install the shutter roofing.
4. Connecting the pergola to a power source – when your electric pergola is ready, all you have to do is to invite a professional specializing in the electrical industry to connect your pergola to the home electricity.

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