A delegation of IDF orphans"They met with Ambassador Arden and toured the HQ"m in New York

The Israeli ambassador came"Gilad Erdan hosted the IDF orphans’ delegation this week"To those who came for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip in the United States, on behalf of the Tza Widows and Orphans organization"To. This is after last night the ambassador attended a dinner where the boys and girls each shared and told their story, and talked with the ambassador about life in the shadow of bereavement.

As part of the three-week expedition, the 21 boys and girls met the members of the Jewish community in New York and shared with them their experiences and personal stories as sons and daughters of those who sacrificed their lives for the security of the state, a sharing that aims to create a deep and important connection between the citizens of the State of Israel and the Jews living in the USA"B.

Today (Friday), the members of the delegation toured the HQ"m in New York under the guidance of Ambassador Arden.

Ambassador Erdan met the girls and boys for an emotional personal conversation, toured the United Nations with them and described his activities to protect Israel from the anti-Israeli initiatives and Israel’s challenges in the international arena.

At the end of the tour, Ambassador Arden said: "Meeting you moves me very much and fills me with strength to fight at the UN for our justice. I admired your knowledge, determination, love for the country and concern for its future, and after meeting you I continue with even greater determination to fight for our truth here at the UN".

Among the participants in the delegation, Ahmed Khir al-Din, son of Sa"To Mahmoud Khir a-Din Z"who was killed in a secret operational activity in the heart of the Gaza Strip and only recently was his name allowed to be published. Khir al-Din told about his experiences on the expedition: "I enjoy it very much, and am happy that the state contributes to orphans and gives them what they need to feel good. I have a lot of experiences and do new things that I have never done before. Thank you to this generous and beautiful IDF widows and orphans organization and the partners who contributed".

Yu"IDF Widows and Orphans Organization Tami Shelah: "The bar/bat mitzvah trip we hold is designed to expose the IDF orphans to different experiences, empower them and provide them with an exciting and challenging experience. We are proud of the strong and lovely orphans, happy that we can be the wide and important envelope that they deserve and thank the ambassador of Arden for hosting us"M".

Photo: IDF Widows and Orphans Organization

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