Maccabi Health Services: Preparing for an outbreak of monkeypox in Israel

This morning (Sunday) another situation assessment discussion was held with the relevant medical officials at the Maccabi Health Services headquarters led by the head of the Health Division Dr. Miri Mizrahi Reuvani, regarding the monkeypox outbreak, in light of the World Health Organization’s announcement last night that it declared a global medical emergency. The discussion presented a global picture of the situation, the effects of the disease, and also discussed the organization’s readiness for a wider outbreak in Israel as well.

A special multi-professional team to deal with the disease was established at Maccabi, instructions regarding the outbreak of the disease and the methods of treating members who come to clinics with suspicious symptoms were passed on to all family doctors, pediatricians, as well as dermatologists and all professional doctors working in the organization. Upon receipt of the vaccinations and final labels from the Ministry of Health, Maccabi will begin sampling the patients and vaccinating the relevant members.

Head of Infectious Diseases at Maccabi Health Services d"Rabbi Shirley Shapira Ben David: "We are seeing an outbreak with more and more cases in other parts of the world. In recent weeks, Maccabi has made preparations for every scenario, and we are in contact with the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Health as well as with medical authorities in the entire world. The state must arrange for as many vaccines as possible to arrive in Israel as quickly as possible so that we can begin administering the vaccinations to populations at risk".

Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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