Suspicion: A 56-year-old resident of Baqa al-Gharbia set fire to his own scrap yard

A 56-year-old resident of Akka al-Gharbia was arrested this weekend by the police, on suspicion of setting fire to the scrap yard he owns.

On Friday, a fire broke out in the scrap yard in the industrial area of ​​Baqa Al Gharbia. About ten vehicles caught fire and were completely damaged, before the firefighters who were called to the scene were able to extinguish the fire.

A short time later, the policemen of the Baqa al-Gharbia station arrested the owner of the plot, who is suspected of having committed the act, for questioning at the police station.

This morning the police held a hearing for the owner of the lot who operated without a license and he was warned.

At the end of the investigation, the suspect was released under restrictive conditions and the investigation continues.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

A fire broke out in a scrap yard in Baqa al-Gharbia

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