Shooting incident in Canada: three dead, including the killer, two seriously injured

Three people were killed in a series of shooting incidents in Canada, among them apparently the killer himself.

The shootings began today (Monday) in the morning in the town of Langley in the province of British Columbia in Canada, a town located about 47 km"from Vancouver.

The shooter apparently acted alone. He hit four people, two of whom were killed while the other two were seriously injured.

Canadian police who arrived at the scene of the shooting cordoned off the scene and warned residents not to approach the area. The suspect was identified and shot by the police forces and killed on the spot, thus ending the incident.

Police believe the shooter likely targeted the homeless.

The event came as a surprise to the Canadians, who unlike their neighbor from the south of the USA"B, they have stricter and more restrictive gun laws, and therefore shooting incidents like this are less common.

Photo: Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press via AP

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