before moving? Beware of stings from cleaning companies

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Are you facing a move to a new apartment and looking for a professional and recommended cleaning company to clean the new apartment? Have you just finished a general renovation of the apartment and are you getting ready to return to your apartment? As far as any of these alternatives correspond with your situation, this is probably exactly the place for you. Finding thorough and professional cleaning services for your new residence is not a trivial matter – this is a move that carries many consequences in relation to the quality of your entry into your new residence, when the goal is to enable a smooth and successful entry as possible.

What is included in the cleaning services provided by a professional cleaning company? What should you be careful of when choosing the services of a professional cleaning company and how should you proceed? How should you choose a professional cleaning company to clean your new home? This will be detailed in the next article.

Professional and thorough apartment cleaning services – what is included in this?

in general, Professional cleaning company Prepared to deal with complex cleaning tasks, including cleaning tasks arising from moving house, entering a new apartment from the contractor, entering an apartment after comprehensive renovation, etc.

In order to provide a thorough and meticulous cleaning service, professional cleaning services include the use of special tools and devices for cleaning, such as: polishing machine, vacuum cleaner and water hoses, particularly strong cleaning agents that cannot always be found in every store, etc. In addition, the company’s professional cleaning work is done by a team of employees, during one day, according to the tasks defined in advance and not by hours.

In most cases, a thorough cleaning of a new apartment and/or an apartment after renovation by a professional cleaning company, including thorough vacuuming of all the spaces of the apartment, cleaning of the kitchen cabinets and the sink, cleaning of doors, frames, shutters, windows and panels, cleaning of bathrooms and toilets including sanitary ware , cleaning sockets and electrical switches, cleaning the existing lighting fixtures in the property, cleaning ceramic coverings, washing the floor and finally using a floor polishing machine (polish wax or crystal polishing).

Bites from professional cleaning companies – what should you watch out for?

As mentioned, moving to a new apartment or returning to an apartment after renovations are situations that call for a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of the apartment, when the attractive and common alternative in this context is contacting a professional cleaning company that provides thorough cleaning services. However, in view of the fact that in Israel you do not need a license in order to engage in the field of cleaning services, the field may call for many professionals, characterized by a different level of execution and quality of work.

Therefore, there are a number of things that are recommended to be taken into account before choosing and contracting with a professional cleaning company, including confirming the final rate that the company offers for the cleaning services, and confirming all the cleaning tasks that are included in the price quote given by the cleaning company and insisting on a detailed contract agreement in writing, avoiding cleaning tasks more complex in the context of the flooring and at the same time making sure you fully understand the type of flooring existing in your home and the type of cleaning that corresponds to it, examining the cleaning materials and cleaning devices that the company uses when providing the service in order to prevent damage to your apartment and the like.

Meanwhile, it is recommended not to search for cleaning companies in a hurry, which will allow you to perform a price comparison and market survey between different cleaning companies, as well as it is recommended to require the professional to come to your home so that he can perform a comprehensive review of the general condition of the apartment, both in terms of dirt and in terms of the amount of furniture in the apartment, and to ask him for a price offer anchored in writing and as detailed as possible. If the professional cannot come to your home, it is important to give him the most complete and accurate picture of the condition of the apartment in order to avoid surprises and additions to the price.

In addition, before you choose a professional cleaning company, it is advisable to verify the type of flooring that exists in your apartment and to examine the treatment and cleaning method that is appropriate for it. In this way, you can avoid being tempted by unnecessary offers, save on the expenses involved in making additions such as different types of polishing or crystal polishing, and of course – prevent damage that may be caused to the existing flooring in your apartment due to cleaning services that are not suitable for the type of floor.

As far as the cleaning materials and devices used during the cleaning work are concerned, it is important to make sure that these materials do not include too high a dose of acid, which may cause a lot of damage to the flooring in the apartment and to the wall coverings, as well as to make sure that water is used in a controlled manner (with the help of water guns and water hoses) during The cleaning work to prevent damage to the walls of the house. Also, there are companies that give a bonus, as an incentive to potential customers to contract with them, sometimes by providing free pest control and sometimes by providing free unique cleaning materials to those who have purchased their services. However, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the pest control and to ensure its proper execution, it is necessary to make sure that the professionals on behalf of these companies do hold a license pest controlas required by law.

How to choose a professional cleaning company?

The choice of a professional cleaning company, which will provide us with regular and reliable cleaning services, depends on the examination of several aspects, including recommendations on the cleaning company (both recommendations from acquaintances and recommendations appearing on the Internet), defining the type of cleaning you desire and then searching for a professional cleaning company according to your specific needs , examining the degree of availability of the company, the actual working hours of the cleaning workers, the degree of flexibility shown by the company in terms of working hours and receiving the details of a contact person on behalf of the cleaning company, examining the tools and cleaning materials used as part of the cleaning services offered by the company, examining the reasonableness of the rates offered by the company for services the cleaning and the like.

If you are about to move and are looking for thorough and professional cleaning services for your new apartment, take your worries away – you have come to the right place. With our supervision, you will receive the most thorough, professional and decent cleaning service, which will lead to your smooth entry into the new apartment.

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