Davor announced his retirement from the Israeli national team: "I decided to finish the chapter"

The player of the Israel national team and the German team Hoffenheim, Moens Davor, announced today (Tuesday) his retirement from the ranks of the national team. As I recall, Davor and the Israeli crowd that came to the team’s games had a strained relationship in the past year after the player’s statements during an operation "the keeper of the walls". In response to Davor’s statements, the crowd would boo him during games when the ball was at his feet.

The wording of the player’s announcement regarding his retirement: "Hello everyone, I want to inform you of my decision to finish my chapter in the Israeli national team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family and everyone who supported me all along the way. Yours, Moans Davor."

Heavy rain at the Eilot Stadium: the match between Maccabi Ahi Nazareth and Hapoel Acre was postponed
Illustration. Photo: pixabay

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