Live: What’s up for me?"Has the Histadrut to say about the fight against the cost of living in Israel?

Yu"The head of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, will give a statement in a few moments (Tuesday) regarding the wave of price increases and the rise in prices in the Israeli economy.

The statement is held as part of a special meeting of the leadership of the Histadrut which will deal mostly with the fight against the cost of living in Israel. The message of Yu"The Histadrut will also be broadcast live on the Histadrut’s Facebook page.

Apart from him, a deputy will also speak at the meeting"To the Economics Division, Adam Blumenberg, who will present the Histadrut’s plan to fight the cost of living of the special committee for this matter, which he established"The Histadrut at the beginning of the year.

Photography: Aran Dolev

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