Maccabi: The first sampling station for monkeypox was opened in Tel Aviv

Maccabi Health Services opened today (Tuesday) the first sampling station for monkeypox for Maccabi members. The position is located in the Maccabi “HaShalom” center, at 96 Yigal Alon St. in Tel Aviv. The position will operate from 15:00 and Maccabi members can already make an appointment for an examination through the call center with the number *3555, subject to a referral from the attending physician only. Patients have already started making appointments a short time ago.

At the same time, Maccabi is preparing to receive the vaccinations from the Ministry of Health in order to start the vaccination campaign early next week, for Maccabi members who meet the criteria set by the Ministry of Health.

The director of the gay clinic of Maccabi Health Services in Tel Aviv, Dr. Ruthie Goffan: "Monkey pox is a disease that is transmitted between humans through very close contact, usually skin-to-skin in an area where there are blisters. It is important to be alert for the appearance of symptoms, including blisters in all areas of the body; Face, hands, genital or anywhere else, secretions, swollen lymph nodes, fever, general bad feeling and more. If one of the symptoms appeared – you should go and be examined as soon as possible".

Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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