Senior appointment at the Wolfson Medical Center: d"R. Diana Tesher was appointed deputy director of the children’s department

d"R. Diana Tesher was appointed deputy director of the children’s department and began serving in her position last month. d"R. Tesher, 50 years old and mother of two, completed her medical studies at the Hebrew University and specialized in pediatrics and infectious diseases at the Wolfson Medical Center and completed both specializations with honors.

In addition, d"R. Tesher is the director of the pediatric infectious diseases unit since 2018, a member of the Ministry of Health’s vaccine advisory committee and a senior clinical lecturer in the Department of Pediatrics at Tel Aviv University. In 2017 she won D"R. Tesher with the outstanding title of Dean of Teaching.

d"R. Tesher: "I am excited to accept the challenging position and happy for the privilege I have been given to continue contributing to the leadership of the department to continue striving for achievements and excellence. I am part of an excellent team working to provide humane, professional and optimal medicine to the community and see a blessing in training the future generation of doctors."

Prof. Ilan Dalal: "The children’s department has been on a tremendous upswing in recent years, we established the Sylvan Adams Children’s Hospital, which has new hospitalization wards, operating rooms and intensive care. d"R. Tesher brings with her years of rich experience as the director of the unit for infectious diseases in children to the position and her appointment is an example of excellence, perseverance and professionalism."

d"R. Anat Engel, CEO"Leith Wolfson Medical Center: "The appointment of D"R. Tesher is part of a series of measures by the Wolfson Medical Center whose goal is to bring the patient first-class medicine and to assure parents that their children receive the best professional care. I wish her success in fulfilling her important role and am sure that she will fulfill it with great success."

Photo: Wolfson Medical Center

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