The Ministry of Health is preparing the public: extreme heat stress is expected in the coming days

According to the forecasts of the meteorological service, the heat load is expected to increase in the coming days, at least until the end of the week, and it is expected to be heavy in many areas. Relief from the heat load is expected towards the middle of next week.

The Ministry of Health wishes to inform the public that in the coming days there is expected to be extreme heat stress and informs the general public that according to a report by the Meteorological Service, in the coming days it is expected to be extreme heat stress that will manifest itself in hotter than usual weather in which there will be heavy heat stress in many areas.

The Ministry of Health calls on the general public, the elderly population and patients with chronic diseases in particular, to be careful to avoid exposure to heat and the sun as much as possible, to avoid physical exertion that is not necessary, to be careful to drink water and to be in air-conditioned places as much as possible.

Detailed information is found inMinistry of Health website.

Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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