Abu Dis: Violent disturbances broke out with the arrest of a terrorist suspect, a policeman was slightly injured

Mag warriors"in Ayo"Q, along with Tza"L, acted early today (Wednesday) at the direction of the General Security Service, to arrest a suspect in terrorist activity in Abu Dis. When Mag fighters entered"Violent disturbances developed in the town.

As part of the disturbances, Mag fighters were thrown at them"From the roof of a mosque Molotov cocktails, stones, slabs of marble, gallons of oil and other heavy objects that endangered the lives of the fighters. Dozens of rioters also blocked roads and threw explosives at the troops.

Mag warriors"B responded with live fire and means of dispersing demonstrations towards the rioters who risked their lives. Mag warriors"b They chased the rioters who ran away on foot, during searches on the roof of the mosque marble slabs, roof tiles and a backpack containing materials for making Molotov cocktails and explosives were found.

During the violations of the order, fighter Mag"B was slightly injured in the palm of his hand as a result of being poisoned by a rock and was referred for medical treatment at Shaare Zedek Medical Center. The mission was completed by the soldiers continuing the operational activity, arresting the suspect and handing him over to the General Security Service for questioning.

The police said: "Border Guard fighters operating in Io"together with IDF forces"to and sit"As they will continue the intensive activity every night to arrest suspects of terrorist activities in the courtyard of their homes in order to protect and give security to the residents of the State of Israel."

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

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