Corona in Israel: 11,336 people died from the epidemic outbreak

The Ministry of Health updated a short time ago (Wednesday) that 5,459 confirmed cases of the corona virus were diagnosed in the past day, and 4,566,302 people were diagnosed as positive for the virus from the plague outbreak. There are 372 patients defined as critical, and 92 are on ventilators. 11,336 people died from the outbreak of the plague. 23,014 people were tested for the virus in the past day.

In addition, 6,714,338 people have so far been vaccinated in the first dose, 6,148,700 have been vaccinated in the second dose, 4,506,097 people have been vaccinated in the third dose, and 838,645 in the fourth dose. Also, 53,828 people are confirmed active for the virus. The percentage of positive subjects is 23.72%. The coefficient of contagion is 0.8.

Illustration. Photo: Bikoropa and Rimipharm Group

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