in gauge"A. They warn against extreme heat stress and ask the public "be more careful"

From today until the middle of next week, extreme heat stress is expected to hit the State of Israel. in gauge"A. They ask the general public to drink more, warn against staying in the sun for a long time and ask to be more careful around children and the elderly.

Direct and prolonged exposure to the sun should be avoided, it is recommended to drink large amounts of water, physical activity that is not necessary during heat stress hours should be avoided, preferably in air-conditioned and shaded places as much as possible. Special emphasis should be placed on preventing children from being left in the car and locking parked vehicles – to prevent disaster and tragedy due to the extreme heat load. Care must be taken to be in continuous contact with family members and neighbors of the third age in order to make sure that they do not suffer from heatstroke.

At Magan David Adom we remind the public that during trips and outdoor activities during the summer days, more caution must be taken, especially among children and toddlers. In addition, one should only bathe on declared beaches and during the hours when the rescue services are operating and drive very carefully when staying near water sources with children such as pools, streams, etc. From the beginning of the bathing season (8.4) until today, the medics and paramedics of Med"A. They provided medical treatment to 149 people who drowned and were rescued from the sea, pools and the various water reservoirs. 21 people drowned, 6 in critical condition, 9 in serious condition, 20 in moderate condition and 93 in mild condition.

CEO"to meter"A, Eli Bin: "We ask the public to obey the instructions and take extra care – in order to get through the expected extreme heat stress safely and without casualties. We wish to discover good neighborliness and knock once a day on the door of neighbors who are in a risk population and live in Gafam. Every possible measure should be used, in order not to leave a child in the car alone and of course continue to adhere to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health regarding the corona virus in order to maintain and preserve your health and the health of your family".

In order to reduce to a minimum the vulnerability to the soul due to the heavy heat, publishes Med"A. The guidelines for the public, to preserve human life:

Drink plenty of fluids: drink sufficient amounts of water even beyond the feeling of thirst. It is recommended to drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water a day. Cold drinks are better than hot drinks. It is better to drink water and not sugary drinks.

· Did you leave the house? Make sure to rest in a shady and cool place. Protection from the sun must be ensured, especially among babies and children – using a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and appropriate clothing.

· Babies in the car: everything possible must be done to make sure that no children and babies are left in a closed car. The temperature in a closed car soars within a few minutes and can cause heatstroke and even death. Do not leave babies and children unattended in the car, even for a moment – even if you leave the windows open and the air conditioner running!!

· Sports activity: Exercising outside during the hours of intense heat should be completely avoided. If you do sports in the evening, when the heat load is relieved, you should drink plenty of water and reduce exertion.

· Going to sea? It is necessary to apply creams with high protection factors to the body, avoid long exposure to the sun and staying on the beaches during the intense heat. It is better to bathe in the sea in the early morning and in the afternoon"C, so the temperatures are more comfortable. In addition, you should only bathe on declared beaches, during the hours of operation when there is a lifeguard.

· Workers who are under the sun and exposed to heavy heat load: make sure to wear light, thin and ventilated clothing that allows the body heat to evaporate. Make sure to take longer than usual breaks in the shade or in an air-conditioned place, and drink plenty of water.

· If signs of dehydration appear such as headaches, dizziness or weakness, you should immediately stop any physical activity, stay in a shady and cool place, and drink more than you feel thirsty.

· If signs of heatstroke appear – such as fainting, blurred vision, confusion and an increase in body temperature, call the emergency services"A. By dialing the emergency center on 101 or using an app "gauge"my a"and listen to the instructions of the medics and paramedics at the center, until the teams arrive.

· It is important to pay special attention to babies, children, the elderly and the disabled. Parents of babies and toddlers should pay attention to their behavior, and make sure they don’t show any signs of dehydration or heat stroke. In addition, make sure that there is drinking water near them, and that the children are always in a shaded place. in gauge"A They call on their elderly or disabled relatives to keep in touch with them more frequently than usual, in order to make sure that they have cold drinks nearby and that they are in a shady and cool place, and do not show any signs of dehydration or heatstroke.

Photo: Dovrat Med"A
Photo: Dovrat Med"A
Photo: Dovrat Med"A

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