Hashish oil and jewelry: a resident of Kiryat Ata was arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs and stolen property

As part of a proactive and targeted activity carried out yesterday (Monday) by police officers and detectives of the Zebulon station in the field of drugs, the police located and seized during a search of a house in Kiryat Ata, a substance suspected to be dangerous drugs of the hashish type weighing 1.3 kg"c and a substance suspected to be cannabis-type drugs weighing 1.8 kg"third. This is in addition to two bottles of hashish oil, jewelry suspected of being stolen and an amount of cash estimated at tens of thousands of shekels.

The property was seized at the station and the drugs were transferred to the forensic laboratories of the Israel Police. The suspect, a 26-year-old resident of Kiryat Ata, was detained for questioning at the Zebulon police station and in accordance with the needs of the investigation his detention was extended today"Shalom in Kiryat until August 4, 2022.

Photo: Police Spokesperson

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