Police arrested a Palestinian resident of Yo"Q who drove recklessly – and found out that the vehicle was stolen and the driver did not have a license

During an activity conducted today (Wednesday) by the detectives of the Moriah station of the Jerusalem district in the south of the city, one of the detectives noticed a vehicle that aroused his suspicion, while the suspect driving it disobeyed the traffic laws by crossing a signalized intersection when a red light was on in the direction of his travel and his travel speed was high.

The detectives started chasing the vehicle and at one point even announced to the driver to stop for their inspection, but he refused to obey and continued his flight. Arriving in the direction of the tunnel on road 60, the tunnel road to the south, near the road works complex that were carried out during the night, the detectives blocked his path and the suspect vehicle hit the police vehicle and another vehicle while stopping.

Immediately after that, the suspect who was alone in the car began to flee on foot and the detectives of the Moriah station began chasing him until he was caught and arrested by them while continuing his resistance. The suspect, a Palestinian resident of Yatta in his 20s who has a work permit in Israel, was taken for questioning at the Moriah police station, during which it was revealed that the vehicle the suspect was driving was stolen during the night from the city of Holon and that the suspect had never issued a driver’s license in his day.

During the day, the suspect was brought before a court that ordered the extension of his detention in order to continue the investigation until Sunday (7.8).

This case joins another incident in recent days during which suspects were arrested.

On Monday (1.8) early in the morning, Moriah patrol officers noticed three suspects in a vehicle that aroused their suspicion. The suspects started running away and at the end of a short foot chase after them, they were caught and detained for questioning by the police. In the meantime, during the operations carried out by the police officers at the scene, a file belonging to the suspects was found containing hacking tools and technological means designed to assist in the theft of the vehicles.

The arrest of the suspects, two illegal Palestinian residents of the United States"Q in his 20s and 30s and a resident of East Jerusalem in his 20s, today was extended once more, until Sunday, and their investigation continues.

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

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