The Ministry of Health and the Israel Police raided a factory for the production of counterfeit drugs

In a joint activity of the Division for Enforcement and Supervision at the Ministry of Health and the Tel Aviv Fraud Unit of the Israel Police and with the assistance of the Ashdod station, a raid was conducted yesterday (Tuesday) on a pirate factory in Ashdod, which is suspected of producing impotent fake drugs, anabolic steroids and fake alcohol. Several machines for the production of medicines were found there, including a machine for filling medicine packages, and many empty packages were also seized. At the end of the raid, a suspect was even brought to the Ashdod police station for questioning.

At the factory, hundreds of other impotent Kamagra gold pills were seized, as well as impotent pills called Cenforce 100 and 150 (Cenforce 100, 150). In addition, empty ampoules that are suspected to be filled with anabolic steroids, which are used illegally to increase muscle mass with the inscription tren depot 100,200,250 m"C, and cork sleeves with the inscription were also found "gray goose vodka" Also, empty bottles of the same brand were seized, which raises the suspicion that fake alcohol is produced there. In total, thousands of fake medicines were caught without help, when some were manufactured in a factory and some were illegally smuggled.

In addition, according to the suspicion, Kamagra Gel (Kamagra Gel) is manufactured on the spot, which is prohibited for marketing or use in Israel. This is a gel that, according to past tests, contained the active ingredient sildenafil found in the drug Viagra, which is used impotently.

The Ministry of Health warns against the use of fake products that may harm public health and reminds that medicines should only be purchased in pharmacies and with a doctor’s approval.

d"R. Roni Berkovich, Director of the Department of Enforcement and Supervision at the Ministry of Health: "The Ministry of Health works together with the enforcement agencies against the distribution and marketing of unauthorized and counterfeit drugs and preparations. Since drugs that are not marketed in the approved marketing channels or counterfeit drugs, may endanger public health, cause morbidity and even death, one should be careful not to purchase drugs in unfamiliar places or websites".

Photo: Ministry of Health spokeswoman
Photo: Ministry of Health spokeswoman

Photo: Ministry of Health spokeswoman

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