The baby found in Acre was hospitalized and examined at the Galilee Medical Center

The baby who was brought from Acre to the Galilee Medical Center was transferred today (Thursday) to hospitalization in the preterm ward, where he undergoes various tests and condition assessment.

The director of prematurity, d"Reverend Fleischer-Shaffer said: "The baby was brought in in good condition, fully clothed and conscious, with normal body temperature. Based on his blood sugar, he appears to have been fed. Since we don’t know anything about his mother or the gestation period, we are running tests, which at the moment seem normal".

In the estimation of D"R. Fleischer-Shaffer, the baby is two or three days old.

Illustration. Photo: lifeofpix
Photo: Spokesperson of the Galilee Medical Center

A few days old baby was found inside a cardboard box with the umbilical cord still attached to it


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