The weather: rising temperatures, heavy heat loads on the coastal plain and in the steppe

The weather forecast predicts that today (Thursday) there will be a slight increase in temperatures, especially in the interior areas, and it will be hotter than usual there. In the coastal plain it will be misty, clouds at high and medium altitude will partially cover the sky, mainly in the south of the country and in the east, and it may drizzle.

The night is expected to be relatively warm in most parts of the country, it will be humid in the coastal plain. In the south of the country and in the east it may drizzle. Southwest to northwest wind will blow at speeds of 15-35 km"That
And the state of the Mediterranean Sea will be waves 60-120 s"M.

Heat load: moderate to heavy in the mountains, heavy in the coastal plain, in the lowlands, and in the northern Negev, heavy to extreme in the valleys of the east, in the Dead Sea and in the Arabah.

The forecasted temperatures for today and tonight: Kiryat Shmona 25-39, Katzrin 23-37, Safed 24-34, Tiberias 26-40, Nazareth 23-35, Haifa 26-32,"A 27-31, Jerusalem 22-34, Ashkelon 27-30, Ein Gedi 34-43, Beer Sheva 24-36, Arad 23-35, Mitzpe Ramon 23-34, Eilat 32-42. This is what the forecaster Lior Sodri said.

Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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