Three indictments were filed against a suspect in managing a distribution network of dangerous drugs

Over the past few months, an undercover investigation was conducted at the Jessar al-Zarqa police station, which dealt with a case of trafficking in dangerous drugs in the village and included the use of advanced measures and sophisticated investigative methods.

On 7/24/2022, with the transition of the investigation to the open phase, police officers and detectives of the Jessar station raided together with Yes fighters"M, fighters Mag"B and the police raided the houses of the suspects and seized amounts of dangerous drugs such as crystal and cannabis. At the end of the activity, the 9 suspects were arrested and transferred to further investigation.

As the investigation progressed, most of the suspects were released under restrictive conditions and as mentioned, today (Thursday) 3 indictments were filed against one of the suspects in his 20s."The Police Claims Unit at the Hadera Magistrate’s Court. The investigation continues against other people involved.

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

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