Abu Shahada attacks Lapid and Gantz: "Trying to pave their way to power at the expense of Palestinian blood"

Many Knesset members published reactions after the military operation began "Dawn" in the Gaza Strip earlier today (Friday). Most of the reactions of the members of the Knesset supported and strengthened the political and military ranks, but in addition, several Arab members of the Knesset published tweets in which they discredit the IDF"and the political echelon following the opening of the operation.

"Enough for the selective attack in Gaza!! Assassinations and shelling will only lead to more suffering and destruction in Gaza and will not bring any security to the citizens of Israel. Lapid is trying to prove that he is a “securityist” by wreaking havoc in Gaza and putting Israelis in shelters. The fire must be stopped now!!" Ha wrote"As Aida Toma-Soliman on her Twitter account

Yu"R. Knesset Committee, Ha"As Nir Orbach responded to Ha’s message"As Aida Toma-Soliman: "I understand that three days of closure for the residents of the south, citizens of Israel, does not bother you. When you hit the head of the terrorist snake you cry out. You are confused in the parliament where you should be a member. Strengthens the IDF soldiers"and the security forces, and the Israeli government in making good decisions that protect the State of Israel and its citizens.".

Knesset member Sami Abu Shahada wrote on his Twitter account: "The latest polls for the elections worried Lapid and Gantz very much, like Peres and Olmert before them they are trying to pave their way to power at the expense of Palestinian blood… they too will fail."

Photo: Knesset spokeswoman – Noam Moshkovich

Knesset member Ben Gabir responded to this tweet by Abu Shahada: "The terrorist supporter who incited the residents of Lod to harm the Jews in Operation Wall Guard raises his head again and tries to agitate the area. You should be sent to Syria".

archives. Photo: Noam Moshkowitz, spokeswoman of the Knesset

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