Due to the beginning of the military operation in Gaza: the police are on alert all over the country

At the end of several evaluations of the situation that exists from"To the police, Chief Rabbi Yaakov Shabtai and the police command staff, it was decided a short time ago (Friday) to increase the alertness of the Israel Police all over the country, including the settlements in the south and center of the country.

The police will increase the ongoing security activity throughout the cities and towns while being prepared for shooting a steep route. In addition, the police put on immediate alert all the mission headquarters in the police districts and in the Mag"b while immediately preparing for the recruitment of 10 reserve companies of Mag"b In accordance with operational developments and assessments of the situation.

The Israel Police is in direct contact with the IDF"To the rest of the security agencies in order to provide maximum security to the residents of Israel. The public is asked to follow and adhere to the instructions issued by the media and listen to the police forces in the field and allow their activities.

In any unusual event, Moked 100, the emergency hotline of the Israel Police, is at the disposal of the citizens.

archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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