from"Q for the residents of Gaza: "We will not allow damage to the security of Israeli citizens, the responsibility lies with Hamas"

The Coordinator of the Government’s Operations in the Territories, Major General Rasan Alian, published a message to the residents of the Gaza Strip on the Facebook page of the MTP a short time ago (Friday)"That "Almonsk".

In his message, General Alian said: "Residents of the Gaza Strip, in the last four days the terrorist organization Ga"P (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) insisted on carrying out an attack against the State of Israel without caring about the security or civilian consequences for the residents of the Gaza Strip. Tza"Do not harm those who sought to undermine security stability. We will not allow the security of Israeli citizens to be harmed. Hamas is responsible. Who does he care more about? To the residents of the Gaza Strip or to unruly organizations? "

Photo: Dovrat Mataf"That

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