In light of the operation in Gaza: the ‘Ihud Hatzla’ calls for volunteers to be close to life-saving equipment

In light of the start of the IDF operation"To "Dawn" In the Gaza Strip, the Ihud Hatzla organization raised the alert level all over the country. The many volunteers were instructed to be alert and close to the life-saving equipment. This is in addition to ceramic vests and protective helmets distributed to volunteers in the south.

CEO"To the ‘Ihud Hatzla’, Eli Polak said: "The ‘Ihud Hatzla’ volunteers are on constant alert all year round, but in view of the security establishment’s assessments that the current round of fighting in the south may escalate, the units are required to remain vigilant. I ordered the reinforcement of the Ihud Hatzala call center with additional call centers and the equipment of the volunteers".

Dov Meisel VP"To operatives in the rescue union he told: "The “Ihud Hatzla” volunteers in the southern region – Negev and Kish, were instructed due to the escalation to be on high alert, and to make sure that the medical equipment bags are well equipped, in recent days ceramic vests and additional protective helmets have been delivered to the volunteers in the conflict areas".

archives. Photo: The drone unit of the Rescue Union

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