Breaking up the relationship? Ben El Tabori and Static continue to cooperate in the campaign

One of the strongest duos in the Israeli entertainment world, Static and Ben El Tabori, recently announced the dissolution of the partnership and going their separate ways.

Despite the announcement, which disappointed many fans of the successful duo, the two met today (Monday) on the set of the campaign for the Urbanica fashion chain. The two have been running the campaign for a long time, and it seems that despite the separation of powers, the two maintain a professional attitude and perhaps it is not such a big explosion.

On the net, the whispers of the fans began to speculate and imagine their heart’s desires, that maybe in the end the two will fully cooperate again, which is currently not in sight, especially not at a time when both are facing a big media storm around their relationships. This is as I recall after the leaking of Ben El Tabori’s embarrassing recordings and the Static interview, in which he revealed the crisis in his relationship with his partner, Sarit Polak.

archives. Photography: Edi Israel and Sion Metodi

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