The storm of Jordan Jarbi online: surprised the followers and revealed the new partner

Olympic medalist and participant of the reality show "survival"Jordan Jarbi, injured her followers on social networks yesterday (Tuesday) in a post where she wrote that she is coming out of the closet and even revealed her new partner. "Love at first sight" Jarbi wrote at the beginning of her speech.

Jarbi received a very warm hug from her followers and the people of the barangay, when the absolute majority of the respondents congratulated her and wished her success in the future. But of course, as always, there were also the cynics with a light hand on the keyboard who reacted maliciously while trying to humiliate, but these voices disappeared among the masses of commenters who were happy with Jarbi’s happiness.

In the post Jarbi not only came out of the closet but revealed her new partner Dana. "I fell in love with her from the moment our eyes met"Jarbi wrote.

Jarby’s full post: "Love at first sight. Sometimes we don’t know why things happen, maybe these are the thoughts that someone sent us something good, or maybe even fate? This is Dana, my partner. I fell in love with her from the moment our eyes met, and since then the love has only grown stronger. The feeling of happiness that accompanies me lately, the butterflies in my stomach, the joy of life, the smile from ear to ear just like that, all thanks to her. So thank you." Jarbi added.

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