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The hit singer to the amazed fans: "Taking a break from shows, some time for myself"

The successful singer and actor, one of the stars of the series ‘Fauda’, Idan Amadi, published a surprising announcement to his fans a few days ago. In a message Amadi announced that he is taking "A short break from the stage and performances".

In his words, Amadi explains the decision and says that the freedom is meant to "back to the studio" and adds that he takes "some time to himself".

In the full message he wrote on his Facebook account, Amadi wrote: "Happy New Year to everyone, just before the holiday to wish you all a happy and bright new year blessed in everything. On the way I will also say thank you for your love, it has been a busy year that started with shooting a film that I hope will soon hit the cinema. Fauda 4 that was filmed and aired, last episode this week, hope you are ready for it."

"And of course the decade concert tour – what started as a single performance at the Menorah turned into a tour that swelled and swelled beyond our imagination, almost 150,000 Israelis watched us and rejoiced with us on this tour and this fills the heart more than anything. On 12.10 in Live Park we finally finish the round. This is also the time to say that after that I’m taking a break from the stage and performances. Some time for writing and for myself. May we have a year of love and peace, love you, thank you for everything. stand" added the singer.

From Idan Amadi’s Facebook page

Amadi received hundreds of comments from fans to his farewell post, with the vast majority supporting him and showering him with their love. "Happy new year, dear and talented man… rest in peace and enjoy the fruits of your labor in the bosom of your family with love"wrote one of the surfers in response. "There is no need for simplicity!!! Happy new year" Another surfer wrote to him.

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