Indictment: Two young residents of Jerusalem threw a bat"At sea on racially motivated buses

The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office today (Thursday) submitted to the city’s district court an indictment against 18-year-old Mahmoud Abu Elhawa and another 17-year-old minor, residents of Jerusalem, who were involved in throwing Molotov cocktails and gas balloons at two buses containing dozens of spectators leaving a concert on the Mount of Olives about a month ago.

According to the indictment, there was a performance at the Seven Arches Hotel in the Mount of Olives, which was reached and returned by organized buses. The accused arrived at the hospital "Al-Maqsad", which is located on the Mount of Olives and is in the route of the buses leaving the concert, equipped with empty glass bottles. One of the defendants sat on a wheelchair that was placed at the entrance to the hospital, without medical need, and others who were with him pushed him around the hospital until they got to the roof of the hospital.

At the end of the performance, the defendants threw a number of Molotov cocktails and gas cylinders that were on the roof of the hospital at two buses with dozens of spectators leaving the performance. One Molotov cocktail hit the bus and the roof of the bus was set on fire and another Molotov cocktail hit the roof of the other bus.

The indictment attributes to the defendants, each according to his part, the commission of the crimes of a terrorist act of sabotage with aggravated intent, a terrorist act of arson under aggravated circumstances, a terrorist act of attempted arson under aggravated circumstances and willful damage to a racially motivated vehicle.

The prosecution asked the court to order the arrest of the accused until the end of the legal proceedings against them.

Illustration. Image by VBlock from Pixabay

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