Counting 88.8% of the votes: no change – the double envelopes may skew the picture

About 88.8% of the votes in the elections to the 25th Knesset have been counted so far (Wednesday).

According to the latest results after counting over 4.2 million votes, this is the distribution of mandates:

Likud – 32 mandates
There is a future – 24 mandates
Religious Zionism – 14 mandates
The state camp – 12 mandates
That"S – 11 mandates
Torah Judaism – 8 mandates
Israel Beytinu – 5 mandates
Bad"M – 5 mandates
sharp"Q"for 5 mandates
Labor – 4 mandates – but swings close to the blocking percentage with only 3.55%

do not pass:
Meretz – 3.18%
Bell"D – 3.05%
The Jewish Home – 1.16%

The picture of the blocs: the Netanyahu supporters bloc has 65, the current coalition has only 50 mandates when"Q-Te"to complete the 5 additional mandates.

However, these are still not the final results and the double envelope count can drastically change the block map due to the many close parties around the block percentage.

CEO"The head of the election committee, Orli Adas, said this evening that the estimated percentage of voting may decrease with the receipt of the exact number of voters in the double envelopes. She currently estimates that there are about 450,000 duplicate envelopes. If her words come true, it is very possible that Meretz will pass the blocking percentage and change the map of the blocs, and if not"D will pass in such a case, she may return the non-decision.

Ades said: "There could definitely be a change in the map. The data we publish on election day is based on a survey among the secretaries of the polling committees and the completion and weighing of sample polling stations. The final figure will be based on the real numbers – so there may be a change".

Hundreds of workers arrived at the Knesset building to count the duplicate envelopes and begin counting during these hours. Final results will probably arrive tomorrow afternoon.

O"D. Orli Ades, CEO"under the Central Election Committee
Orly Ades Photo: Noam Moshkowitz, spokeswoman of the Knesset

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