Instead of a torch: Herzog will lead the Israeli delegation at the climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh

The country’s president, Yitzhak Herzog, will next week (Monday) lead the Israeli delegation to the COP 27 climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. As part of his participation, the president will hold policy meetings with the conference’s guests and will open the Israeli pavilion that was established for the first time at the conference.

The Israeli delegation to the conference will include representatives from the government including the Minister of Environmental Protection Tamar Zandberg, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology Orit Parkash HaCohen, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, civil society, the private sector, academia and more. In the Israeli pavilion that will be established for the first time at the conference, technologies and capabilities from the fields of water, agriculture, weather, renewable energies, forest protection and more will be presented.

The COP, Conference Of the Parties, is the annual meeting of the UN Climate Change Convention"m, UNFCCC. This is the largest annual event of the Hau"whose purpose is to coordinate global efforts to prevent and adapt to the climate crisis. The conference is held every year in a different geographical area, with this year Egypt being the host as the representative of the African continent.

In his inauguration speech in the Knesset, the President of the State announced that he has set himself the goal of dealing with the climate crisis and that his intention is to raise national public awareness of the issue of the crisis and to initiate its treatment with the participation of all sectors of Israeli society.

Last year, the president announced the initiative for the establishment "The Israeli Climate Forum". The forum was established in order to act to improve the climate crisis and to define the role of the State of Israel in dealing with it, to mark the commitment of the State of Israel to be at the forefront of the global discussion on the issue of the climate crisis, to raise awareness of the crisis and its severity among the Israeli leadership in all its aspects and to promote cooperation between the government ministries dealing with the issue together with the various groups and sectors in Israeli society.

In the forum there are representatives from various branches: government, Knesset, academia, local government and the business and industrial sector. The forum operates under the auspices of the President’s House and will meet several times a year. Former member of the Knesset, D"R. Dov Hanin, manages the forum in cooperation with the “Haim and Environment” organization, the umbrella organization of the organizations operating in this field.

Photo: Haim Tsach, L"M

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