The second day of the veterinary doctors’ strike: "The Ministry of Health is betting on public health"

The Histadrut of Veterinary Doctors protests the conduct of the Ministry of Health with regard to the assistance required for the system and veterinarians. This evening (Thursday), members of the Histadrut commented on the conduct of the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Michael Ettinger, Yu"The Federation of Veterinary Doctors in Israel said: "Like tasking orthopedists to perform a heart catheterization, or asking gynecologists to assess the condition of the retina, the Ministry of Health today tasked two doctors and veterinarians from the National Food Service Unit, who are violating the strike, with a task that is not in their area of ​​knowledge and skills: they were tasked with approving release to the markets in Israel from the sea ports , fish shipments to Israel. And what if there are actually parasites in the fish that are released to the markets?!",

He also said that, "Absurdity incarnate. The top of the Ministry of Health is doing everything to break the striking veterinary doctors, instead of treating them, the human capital with professional respect and their strength. The top of the office avoids the simple action that is requested – to speak in respectful communication, and to gather immediately for substantive negotiations. Instead, the only two veterinarians who decided to break the strike were sent. And I will spare the public what my colleagues and I think about the reasons why it is important for them to assist the management of the office at all costs, and in the process to give up their professionalism and the principles of protecting the public’s health and their rights".

These two (the doctors tasked with releasing fish shipments to Israeli markets) have never been involved in the inspection of fish at the borders. They are not familiar with, and are not skilled in, the task they performed today: approving a shipment of imported fish for sale in Israel. Do you know in depth the types of parasites that exist and their examination in fish? Maybe yes, maybe not.
What’s more, there is no laboratory open tomorrow (Friday) to test samples from the fish, in order to make sure there are no parasites in it. It’s a sad joke. I am amazed that the Ministry of Health is willing to bet on public health like that. Maybe they want to reject a shipment of fish from Greece because of ice? (The ice is a necessary condition for maintaining the fishing). You can recall all kinds of skits, and laugh, but this is a serious event.

Referring to the shipments of fish that were released for marketing, he said: "At the port, twenty large fish shipments have already accumulated. I suggest to the Ministry of Health to change the diskette. Understand that this is an acquired and learned professional skill, we will no longer mention powers according to law. It is imperative to strengthen the ranks, greatly increase the number of veterinarians in the national food service unit, which is so depleted in personnel, for the benefit of public health".

fish smuggling
Illustration. Photo: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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