Report: Iran will help the Russians build hundreds of ships"Tim commits suicide

The Washington Post published today (Saturday) that after months in which Mel"Iranian-made drones are wreaking havoc across Ukraine, Moscow has reached an agreement with Tehran to begin production of hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles on Russian soil, according to new intelligence from Western security agencies.

The two countries are moving quickly to transfer key designs and components that could enable production to begin within months.

It is not clear what kind of assistance Iran is seeking from Russia in return, beyond money and the benefits of a strengthened alliance with Moscow.

Russia has previously provided Iran with a surveillance satellite for spying on its neighbors, in addition to key components for the nuclear power plant. Western news outlets have reported that Iran may be seeking additional nuclear assistance in exchange for its assistance in Russia’s military campaign.

Another advantage for Iran in this alliance is greater control over Syria, now that Russia is busy with its war with Ukraine and prefers to invest its resources there instead of in Syria.

The tightening of ties between Iran and Russia for the above reasons"L is a cause for concern for Israeli security officials. Ukrainian President Zelinsky pressed Israel to help Ukraine in its war especially in light of these ties between Russia and Iran.

Mel"Iranian team
archives. Photo: Iranian news agencies / Revolutionary Guards

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