Abnormal results were obtained in water sampling in several streams in the north – the entry could be dangerous

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environmental Protection are informing the traveling public and the regional and local councils today (Tuesday) of unusual results in water sampling carried out to examine the state of pollution in certain streams in the north. In tests for bacteria in the samples from November 21, 2022, results were found in several streams in the north that exceed the recommendations of the Ministry of Health (400 faecal sounds in 100 m"l) – a result indicating the presence of water contamination.

The results obtained:

• Shanir (Hatsbani): poured into Jordan 4,000.
• El Al (Black Waterfall): 660.
• Jordan: Gesher Yosef 2,520; Bridge of the Five 800; Bridge of Flames: 1,950; Hori Bridge 550;
• Mitsad Ataret 710; Aunts Bridge 440;
• The hexagon pool: 560.
• Yehudia: 480.
• Majersa: 1,350.

In view of these results, entering the following streams may be dangerous until the obtained sampling results are normal and stable:

• Shanir (Hatsbani) – from the hydroelectric station to the spillway to the Jordan.
• The Jordan River – from Joseph’s Bridge to the Aunts’ Bridge.
• Nahal El Al.
• The hexagon pool.
• Jewish.
• From Jersey.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection found no known source of pollution in the streams. Sampling is carried out from one sample every two weeks through Nature and Parks Authority inspectors, at fixed sampling points in the northern streams (Upper Galilee, Golan and Western Galilee). The dots represent a waterfall, a pond or a section of a stream. The Ministries of Health and Environmental Protection continue sampling and monitoring, and will update later as necessary.

Illustration. Photo: South Jordan Drainage and Streams Authority

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