following a reform "equal way": Arrangement for updating travel reimbursements for public sector employees

Public transportation fare update reform "equal way" was launched last August, and as part of it, the various travel rates were significantly reduced to five uniform rates all over the country, depending on the travel distance between the origin and the destination and the means of transportation (bus or bus and train). "regional free" (in the peripheral areas) reduced to NIS 99 per month and"nationally free" Set at NIS 225 per month.

In the joint work of the representatives of the Histadrut led by Yu"Histadrut State Employees O"D. Ofir Alkalai and with the assistance of the Economy and Policy Division of the Histadrut led by VP"For the economy, Adam Blumenberg and the representatives of the Accountant General at the Ministry of Finance reached an outline of agreements regarding the implementation of the reform in the travel allowance payments to public sector employees. Starting from August 1, 2022 rates "nationally free" are at a higher rate than stated in the expansion order and"nationally free" Includes the possibility to travel both by bus and by Israeli train. According to the outline, employees who have so far received the lower reimbursement than the new rate will benefit from the new rate, and the travel allowance will not decrease to a total of NIS 255 (free national bus + train), and will increase according to the distance of the residence from the place of work.

Regarding employees whose travel fare was reduced, reduction levels of up to NIS 60 per month were defined every year; It was decided on a phased deployment of the reduction over several years; and was determined "safety net" Their employees have high damage scopes.

It should be noted that the decision to provide employees with the travel allowance according to "nationally free"which includes a variety of means of public transportation (including the light rail), is part of a welcome process that the Histadrut promotes regarding the reduction of the use of private vehicles in the public sector and the transition to public transportation.

Yu"R. Histadrut Arnon Bar-David: "I would like to thank the Accountant General for his cooperation. This outline affects hundreds of thousands of male and female workers in Israel. We were able to bring good news by improving the conditions for a large part of the employees, and preventing damage to the reimbursement of expenses regarding the travel allowance paid to public sector employees. The Histadrut sees great importance in reducing the transportation problem in the State of Israel, and is constantly working on tools that will encourage a transition to public transportation that will benefit both the economy and the workers. We will continue to support in the future moves that will improve the accessibility of public transportation to the working public in Israel".

Yu"Histadrut State Employees O"d Ofir Alkalai: "I consider the travel time limit outline to be a proper outline that will allow the use of all the public transportation options available to all state employees, when they arrive at work and when they return to their place of residence. In the proposed outline there is a safety net that maintains the travel allowance of the employees, as well as a continuation of excellent service by the civil servants for all the citizens of the State of Israel while reducing the use of private vehicles and promoting the values ​​of green transportation".

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