forces meter"A are prepared to medically secure the Iron Man competition in the Sea of ​​Galilee

The Ironman competition will start this weekend (Friday 25.11) in the early morning hours from Guy Beach. The thousands of participants, of which hundreds protested"to be medically secured by large forces of Med"A are expected to compete in swimming, cycling and running.

Med forces will be deployed in the area of ​​the event and along the entire length of the tracks"A. Through dozens of intensive care vehicles and ambulances. Med motorcycles"A, an ATV and squads of first aid providers will move with medical equipment on the tracks alongside the participants in order to provide a medical response to any need, Med’s sea-bulance-intensive care boat"A will provide medical treatment if necessary in the Sea of ​​Galilee and a Med helicopter"A will stay on high alert. At the end point, triage tents will be set up with ICU beds that will be staffed by"Medics and paramedics of Med"A and nurses and doctors from me"H Shaarei Zedek led by Prof. Naama Constantini, in which advanced medical equipment will be placed, including water showers with ice aimed at quickly cooling down victims of severe heat stroke, in addition, a tent will be erected at the end point to treat minor casualties.

Med teams"A. who work in full cooperation with the production of the competition and the Israel Police will be reinforced in order to provide fast and professional medical care even in places where there are roadblocks due to the competition.

Director of the Jordan region in Med"A, Oren Avitan: "Med teams"A are prepared to provide an immediate medical response and treat any scenario. In order to maintain the health of the participants of the competition, I ask the participants to obey the instructions of the organizers, to make all the necessary health preparations in advance, and if they do not feel well to slow down their running or stop on the side of the track and immediately call the police"A. Deployed in the field or on the 101 emergency line or through the ‘Med"my a "

CEO"to meter"A, Eli Bin: "The Iron Man competition is a fun sporting event and, as every year, the correct assessments include many medical teams and the use of Med’s designated vehicles"A. including the sea-boat-bulens-care-intensive care guarantee that we will be able to provide efficient and quick medical treatment if necessary. I appeal to the participants of the marathon to adhere to the medical and safety instructions so that the event ends without injuries and I wish the participants full and safe enjoyment."

gauge"A. Illustration - Yam Bullens
Illustration. Photo: Dovrat Med"A
gauge"A. Illustration - Med helicopter"A
Photo: Dovrat Med"A

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