For the first time at the Carmel Medical Center: the Infection Prevention School

At a good time, a special infection prevention school was opened for the first time at the Carmel Medical Center from the Klalit Group, and for the first time also at Klalit. The purpose of the studies is to deepen, refine and strengthen the professional knowledge of the teams while doing practical exercises in the field of infection prevention in the various departments. The innovative studies and simulations on the first day of school were led by the infection prevention unit nurse in Carmel Lina Khoury.

The war on infections is one of the most difficult and complex wars that is being waged in all hospital corridors and departments in Israel and around the world. Every year, many patients and patients are injured and die in hospitals around the world as a result of various and severe infections, and the entire global health system in general and in Israel in particular is mobilized for the benefit of the fight against infections.

Carmel’s new school took place in Bea’s simulation room"H and included training and simulations in a variety of areas in infection prevention such as routine precautions, access to patients with resistant bacteria, insertion and access to peripheral and central catheters, safety injection and more. Today’s content was delivered by"Sisters Lina Khoury and Diana Gruysberg, senior nurses in the infection prevention unit.
The course participants were veteran clinical instructors from the internal medicine and surgery division in Carmel who were very impressed by this day and expressed a desire to hold the course on a regular basis.

"The learning was experiential and in a pleasant and educational atmosphere", "There were things I didn’t know and this is the first time I’ve tried my hands on infection prevention scenarios" These were just some of the responses from the participants. Sister Marina Feldman, coordinator of the infection prevention field in Carmel said that, " We wanted to establish a school to prevent infections, but at the end of that day we realized that this is a unique and particularly high-quality project at the level of a boutique".

d"Rabbi Ronza Najjar, director of the infection prevention unit in Carmel said that, " I am proud of the amazing team of the infection prevention unit that always manages to think outside the box and create an experiential and interesting learning process. The new school we opened is the beginning of a long road and later more teams will arrive and participate".

In the infection prevention unit in Carmel under the management of D"R. Ronza Najjar, the partners of sisters Marina Feldman (area coordinator), Lina Khoury, Diana Gruizberg and Shirin Sobah.

Photography: Eli Dadon
Photography: Eli Dadon
Photography: Eli Dadon

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