How to protect the house from burglary

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Burglars prefer easy work – if your home is properly secured – they will probably look for an easier target. If the house is well lit and has security measures that slow down burglars, such as a home alarm system, they will prefer another house. Studies around the world show that if it takes a thief more than four or five minutes to break into a house, he will choose the neighbor’s.

Think like a burglar

Take your time "Relate" to your house or apartment just as a burglar would do. Think about Installation of security cameras at the easiest entry points. It is likely that the burglar will also look for them. Install simple security measures such as door and window locks, bars and bolts, these can increase the amount of time it takes to break into a home. Make sure that the elements already in place are working properly.

Invest in installing security cameras. Choose the most effective cameras for the reference scenario. Team 3 company experts will be happy to give you professional advice and proper planning on how to deploy the cameras at home and which types are better to buy. There are different types of Recommended home cameras. Today there are day and night security cameras, those capable of detecting people or animals, detecting movement and more.

When installing outdoor cameras, trees and bushes must be trimmed to allow a line of sight to the camera. In general, it is advisable to synchronize the planning of the vegetation with the installation of security cameras, so that there are no dead areas that are not monitored by the cameras.

Do everything to protect the house

In addition to cameras andHome alarm system, it is advisable to connect to a security center. Such a connection will ensure that every time a camera or detector connected to the alarm system warns of an event, a patrol car with security guards leaves the house. The hotline’s quick response to the incident can reduce the damage. If it’s a flood or a fire, or a burglary – the faster the response (someone comes to the house), the smaller the damage.

A home alarm system is mandatory for some insurance companies in order to provide contents insurance. There is a wired or wireless alarm system, with wireless being more common today. A wireless home alarm system allows connecting a variety of sensors – to doors, windows, fire and smoke detectors, flood detectors, volume detectors and more. All the detectors connect to the alarm system which knows how to issue alerts to a cell phone or a security center such as Team 3’s.

If you installed security cameras at home, the cameras can be connected to a home alarm system, in addition to the other detectors. Connecting cameras and detectors to the alarm and connecting the alarm to a security center ensures that you have done as much as possible to protect your home.

Also remember basic solutions

Although technology greatly improves home security, the basic solutions should not be neglected either. Doors should be strong. Exterior doors should be metal or solid wood, and of sufficient thickness. Jambs must be made of equally strong material, and each door must fit its frame well. Even the most effective lock, if installed on a weak door, will not keep out a determined burglar.

A peephole, a camera for the door peephole let you know who is behind it. Installing security cameras is a technological solution that allows real-time viewing and recording of everything that happens outside the door of the house.

Deadbolt locks are best. They are usually locked with a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. The cylinder (where the key is inserted) must meet relevant standards. Prefer to purchase a reputable brand or buy the locks from a reliable locksmith.

It is also advisable to install bars on the openings and locks on the windows. If you have a home alarm system, you can connect detectors to windows, doors and any opening in the house. So when someone tries to open it, you’ll get an instant alert.

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