11 years in prison for Aren Hazan who was convicted of trying to murder his ex-wife

The district court in Be’er Sheva this morning (Thursday) sentenced 46-year-old Aran Hazan to 11 years in prison, who was convicted of trying to murder his ex-wife, Liana Panhasov, about two years ago.

According to the indictment, in July 2020 the accused cut the victim with a Japanese knife in many parts of her body after she informed him of her intention to divorce him. The sentence was given as part of a plea agreement with the South District Attorney’s Office, according to which he will confess and be convicted of the crime.

Due to his conviction for attempted murder, his rights as a parent were revoked, and custody of their shared children would automatically be transferred to Liana. In addition, it was decided that he would compensate her with NIS 150,000.

The representative of the attorney’s office, attorney Mittal Olek-Amoyal, said: "The facts in the indictment describe the scenario of horrors she experienced. Only it wasn’t a script, it was the reality for a long period of severe violence, of pain, anxiety, of shock from what the person who was her partner up to that point was capable of doing to her".

Liana said in court: "It’s been two years but I got my time off. It is a relief that the court respected the plea agreement and gave him a severe sentence. I was worried that he would be given a lighter sentence, but now that is behind me".

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