Hyaluronic acid injections – who is it (really) suitable for?

In recent years, the popularity of hyaluronic acid injections has increased greatly, and for good reason. Hyaluronic acid is suitable for injection into a wide variety of areas of the body, and allows to design, sculpt and improve the appearance of the face and other areas. Hyaluronic acid has many advantages, along with few disadvantages. Read and check whether hyaluronic wall injections are really suitable for you!

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is an acid found naturally in our body. The acid can be injected into the body, and it is kept in its artificial form for several months. As a result, it allows us to inject it in order to fill areas of the face, shape them and improve the appearance of the skin so that it looks more taut – for several months.

The hyaluronic acid is gradually absorbed by our body after several months, which allows safe and non-permanent injection, so if you do not like the result, the situation is reversible – you can dissolve the acid and return to the natural appearance before the injection, or wait several months until the acid is absorbed by itself. So, even if you just want to try and not commit – hyaluronic acid is the ideal filler for you.

Where can hyaluronic acid be injected?

There are many areas that can be shaped with hyaluronic acid, such as:

  1. lips
  2. Nose
  3. for life
  4. jaw
  5. eye sockets

How are hyaluronic acid injections performed?

Hyaluronic acid injections should be performed by a doctor who is qualified to inject and provide aesthetic treatments that include an invasive procedure (injection). Before the injection, you can apply a numbing ointment to the area which will help the injection to pass more calmly, so that you will hardly feel the needle. Meaning, the injection is quick, hardly painful at all and the result? Amazing in her beauty. More Information about hyaluronic acid injections in the manual of Levy Clinics.


Who is the treatment with the popular filler suitable for?

The treatment is suitable for almost everyone, and especially for those who want to treat areas of their body and improve their appearance, especially in the face. If you suffer from a certain appearance in your body that bothers you, you should choose hyaluronic acid and get a new and taut look with injections in which the pain is minimal, for example:

  1. Lip thickening, for the appearance of fleshy and sensual lips, as well as smoothing wrinkles that appear above and below the lip due to age.
  2. Designing and sculpting the nose, for those who want to straighten the bridge of the nose and give it a sullen look. More about nose sculpting without surgery.
  3. For those who suffer from wrinkles and facial appearance "tired"and wants to revive the face and give it a taut, lively and younger look.
  4. Treating acne scars and other scars, and blurring them.
  5. Accentuating the jaw line for a look "drawn" more of the face.
  6. Smoothing the back of the hand and hiding veins and wrinkles that appear mainly due to age or thinness.

Are there any risks in injecting hyaluronic acid or possible side effects?

The substance is found naturally in our bodies, so the risks are few, and most of them are actually side effects that go away on their own within a few days, mainly:

  1. blood flood – As a result of the injection action, hemorrhages are sometimes formed at the injected site, they pass within a few days and it is also permissible to put makeup on them in order to hide them.
  2. A result that is not to your liking – But don’t worry, as mentioned, the acid dissolves in the body within a few months and it can also be dissolved in the clinic proactively and return to the previous appearance.
  3. Results in a short period of time – Despite the advantage of this, it must be taken into account that it is necessary to renew the injection every six months in order to maintain the beautiful results.

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