Shel’s teacher"He collapsed during an annual trip to Eilat – and died in the hospital

This morning (Thursday) during an annual trip to Eilat for 10th grade girls"an island"in tamed "Love Israel" Leshel’s teacher collapsed"H. Yossi Cohen, evacuated to the hospital "Yoseftal" And there he died.

The Beit Shemesh municipality said that it: "Mourning and participating in deep sorrow with the passing of the teacher Yossi Cohen and sending condolences to his dear wife Rachel, an employee of the reception department at the municipality, to the dear family and to the entire ‘Love of Israel’ community".

10th grade girls"A and Y"B and the educational team met this morning with professional teams in the city of Eilat to process the terrible disaster and allow a return to school and the city. When the girls arrive from Eilat, there will be another meeting with them at the school together with the professional teams.

Yossi Cohen - Leshell's teacher"H
Yossi Cohen. Photo: Beit Shemesh Municipality Spokesperson

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