The weather: danger of drifting deep into the Kinneret, chance of flooding in the north of the coastal plain

In the control room of the Association of Kinneret Cities they announced a short time ago (Thursday) that according to a weather alert, strong westerly winds will blow on Friday and Saturday (November 25-26), with gusts of up to 55 km"That.

In addition they said that "Vacationers are asked to be careful of the danger of drifting into the depth of the lake, especially with flotation devices, and of breaking branches and flying objects. The Association of Kinneret Cities also notes that the bathing season is over, and there are no lifeguards on the beaches, so it is recommended to avoid entering the water."

In addition, the Western Galilee Drainage and Streams Authority issued a statement after receiving the forecast for the coming days and said: "We would like to inform you that an early warning has been received from the meteorological service about the possibility of flooding in the north of the coastal plain with a significant amount of precipitation. The event is expected to start tonight 11/24 from the evening hours and continue during the weekend. The flows may strengthen to a moderate strength. In addition, there may be local flooding. The Western Galil Drainage and Nachalim Authority reminds the public to take precautions, not to go into the streams and to obey the instructions of the emergency teams."

archives. Photo: Tzachi Gabish, Association of Kinneret Cities

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