Three years in prison for the accused of rioting and throwing stones at policemen and Jews

The District Court in Jerusalem today (Thursday) sentenced Omar Git to three years in prison and a suspended sentence, who was convicted, according to his confession, of rioting and throwing stones and fireworks at security forces and Jews in Beit Hanina.

According to the amended indictment, the accused participated in riots during the year 2021 on several occasions, among others, on Jerusalem Day. As part of the riots, he threw stones and fireworks at policemen and Jews there. The defendant was convicted of rioting, act of recklessness and negligence together, act of recklessness and negligence, attempted serious damage under aggravated circumstances, obstructing a police officer under aggravated circumstances and attempted assault on a police officer under aggravated circumstances.

During the arguments for punishment, the Jerusalem district attorney’s office claimed that the accused chose to participate in the serious events, in terms of their location and in terms of the time of their occurrence, and it is clear that he was an active partner in organizing and preparing for the events of the riots.

Court - Conviction - Verdict
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