Three were injured in a serious car accident on Route 5, one of them was trapped in a vehicle in a serious condition

Three people were injured a short time ago (Monday) in a car accident between three vehicles on Highway 5 near the Shaar Shomron interchange towards the Paduel interchange. Medics and paramedics of Med"A. They were given medical treatment and evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva.

Among the injured, a 30-year-old man is in a serious condition, conscious, after being trapped in a vehicle, and a man and a woman, 30 and 50 years old, are in a minor condition.

Naama Zabar, a medic at the Rescue Union, who arrived first at the scene, said: "This is an accident involving two vehicles. With the help of other medics, we provided first aid at the scene of the accident to the driver of a car who was moderately injured and to the driver of a car who was slightly injured. Firefighters were on the scene due to the nature of the accident".

Maccab"It was delivered: "A short time ago a report was received in the parable"9 on a serious car accident involving 2 vehicles. When the teams arrived at the scene, we identified a very complex scene. We immediately started rescue operations, due to the condition of the vehicles the rescue was complex and difficult. The rescue was carried out using dedicated hydraulic tools. According to medical officials from the scene, a seriously injured person is being taken for further medical treatment."

The examiners of the Traffic Division of the Israel Police are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

Photo: Ihud Hatzla spokesmen
Car accident - medical treatment
Photo: Ihud Hatzla spokesmen
Car accident - Trapped - Firefighters - Rescue
Photo: Documentation of fire and rescue operations for Israel Yu"That

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