Shaare Zedek Hospital: The last patient hospitalized from the infernal attack at the entrance to Jerusalem was released

About a week after the double terrorist attack in Jerusalem, today (Tuesday) the last hospitalized person was released to his home from Shaare Zedek Medical Center and is in good condition for further treatment and rehabilitation in the community.

The 62-year-old patient arrived at Shaare Zedek to the trauma unit in a serious condition. The unit was handled by the unit’s team headed by D"R. Alon Schwartz. He later underwent tests and treatments, including a series of surgeries to remove shrapnel from his body. on Friday during a visit by the CEO"To Sha’are Zedek Prof. Ofer Marin and Rabbi Asher Weiss Shalit"A. The patient presented to them the book of Psalms that he had with him at the time of the attack and which was hit by a fragment that penetrated from the back cover into the book until it stopped on the inside page in chapter 9"d in words "Our soul is like a fledgling bird".

The man was released to his home in good condition and is recovering from his serious injury. The staff of the trauma unit and the staff of the surgery department together with the Shaarei Zedek management wish him and all the other injured a speedy recovery and full recovery.

Illustration. Photo: Shaare Tzedek spokespeople

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