The Ministry of Health warns: these are the prohibited products

The Ministry of Health warns the public today (Tuesday) against the consumption and purchase of several products from the HYDROLA series that are marketed without a valid license from the Ministry of Health.

The prohibited products for use that have not been licensed by the Ministry of Health, or the use of products not according to the terms of their license, may harm public health. Products from this series are marketed without a Ministry of Health license and the public is asked to refrain from using the product.

Details of the products in the series:
"Anti-aging kit for Lenoki and Zena with hyaluronic acid"
"Massage and feeding kit with cupping and feeding"
"Intensive serum and drama roll"
"Cream for lightening skin spots and pigmentation"
"Intensive face serum with hyaluronic acid"
"Renew night cream"
"Intensive day cream"
"Active eye cream"
"Active nourishing mask with hyaluronic acid"
"Active cleansing cream"
"Active face peeling with double action"
"Acne roll"
"Introduction kit"
"Intensive face cream with hyaluronic acid"
"Active day cream"

The Ministry of Health stated: " The Ministry of Health recommends checking carefully that the perfumes used are approved by"the Ministry, and that do not contain additional substances whose composition has not been tested and whose safety is unknown. It is possible to check product licenses that have been approved by"The Ministry of Health in the pharmacy database on the Ministry’s website."

For inquiries and additional information, you can contact the Health Voice hotline (*5400).

Prohibited products - Ministry of Health
Photo: Courtesy of the Ministry of Health


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