A company from Herzliya that develops a method for diagnosing and treating cancer has signed a distribution agreement – in the amount of 5 million dollars

CuratioDL from Herzliya, which develops technology that quickly diagnoses cancerous tumors with the help of artificial intelligence, has signed a distribution agreement in India and Australia in the amount of 5 million dollars in the next three years. The agreement was signed with TechIndia Infoway pvt Ltd which provides services to hospitals in India and Australia.

Curatio’s technology is based on research conducted at Harvard University and is used as an aid to the treating pathologist and oncologist. Its use reduces the risk of human errors, eases the workload imposed on them due to the lack of manpower and allows the medical team to build personalized treatment for patients.

Rafi Hoiman, CEO"To Coratio: "The agreement is very significant for the company since it opens up the potential for us to expand widely in Asia in general and India in particular. In India, more than 3.5 million new cases of cancer are discovered every year, with more than half of them being diagnosed in late stages of the disease. We believe that the company’s products will significantly improve the world of pathology while creating significant value for medicine, for the patients themselves and improving the time to diagnose cancer and its quality while providing personalized treatment that saves lives. A successful launch will enable entry into very attractive markets for us, as well as savings of tens of millions of dollars per year for the medical system there."

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As part of the development carried out by the company, biopsy samples taken from 7,000 patients were retrospectively examined, and the results revealed 95% success in the ability to diagnose a cancerous tumor in ten common types of cancer, including lung, kidney, ovarian, breast and more. In addition to identifying the presence of the tumor, the system was able to identify, according to the size of the cell, its shape, the width of the margin and internal counts, as well as subtypes. She also identified biomarkers, which usually cannot be done without additional genetic testing. The quick diagnosis contributes significantly to the chances of healing and recovery.

The company’s first product, which enables triage and screening processes to detect diagnostic priority between different biopsies, according to the detection of malignancies regardless of the time they enter the laboratory, and will be marketed during the year 2023 to pathology laboratories and hospitals. At the same time, the company is working to obtain FDA approval in the US"in and CE Mark in Europe, for its second product that will be marketed in the regulatory channel and be involved in many aspects of the identification, diagnosis and treatment protocol processes. Curatio is in the process of raising crowdfunding through the PeopleBiz platform to continue deployment in the world.

Today the company operates under a strategic cooperation agreement with the Institute of Pathology of the Sheba Medical Center, one of the leading institutes in the world in the field of digital pathology led by Prof. Iris Barshak, director of the Institute of Pathology in Sheba and accompanied by Sharon Paz from ARC, the innovation arm of Sheba, in order to perform validation, to produce the label Personalized treatment and to develop digital tools for predictive diagnosis and support in the pathological and oncological work processes, while improving the accuracy and speed of differentiation.

The management of CuratioDL includes world-renowned experts including: Prof. Yuval Shahar, an expert in medical informatics from Stanford and head of the Department of Information Systems Engineering at Ben Gurion University; Prof. Jacques Daniel, Director of the Urology Division and Deputy Director of the Davidoff Cancer Center at Billinson Hospital; d"R. Irit Arbel, who has multidisciplinary experience in biopharma and who founded and managed leading companies; Eran Gilboa, a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in founding technological companies, mainly in the medical field; Gal Aviram, a biomedical engineer and algorithm developer who specializes in the medical field and the developer of the technology and Prof. Kun Hsing-Yu from Harvard University is the inventor of the technology.

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