An explosion at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid – a Ukrainian employee was injured

An explosion occurred today (Wednesday) at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid. According to officials, a Ukrainian employee was injured while handling a letter addressed to the country’s ambassador to Spain, which apparently contained an improvised bomb.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain said that the person was slightly injured and is being treated in a hospital, while the police investigate.

Later it was added that Kyiv’s ambassador to Spain, Serhil Pohorlatsev, was the intended recipient of the envelope.

Ukraine increased security at all its embassies in response.

The Spanish police said that it is too early to know if the explosion occurred when the embassy employee tried to open an envelope, or simply moved it. No one else was reported injured.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stated: "Whoever is behind this explosion will not be able to intimidate Ukrainian diplomats or stop their daily work to strengthen Ukraine and face Russian aggression".

The Spanish Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Alvarez, spoke with Ambassador Pohorlatsev after the incident.

Spain, country of Nat"And, sent military equipment to Ukraine to help its armed forces fight Russia’s invasion.

Ambulance Madrid - Spain
Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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