A 27-year-old singer is accused of stabbing his relative in the back – due to a dispute

The South District Attorney’s Office today (Sunday) submitted to the district court in the city, an indictment against Dean Bokovza (27) a singer, who, due to a dispute with his relative, stabbed him in the back.

The indictment filed by Fr"D. Hufit Kantorovitz, it appears that during November Bokubeza tied his dogs, near the house of his relative, who is limited in his walking. The relative who heard the barking of the dogs came out of his house and untied the leashes that were wrapped around the dogs. In the vicinity of that, Bukovze took the dogs, including a puppy that he gave to his relative in exchange for money.

The relative asked Bokubeza for the puppy back but he refused, so the relative got on top of the film and tried to block Bokubeza’s path by circling around him, during one of the rounds the two collided. Then Bokubeza, while holding a knife, approached his relative from behind and stabbed him, immediately after that he left the place and left him bleeding. As a result of Bokovza’s actions, the relative was hospitalized for several days for treatment.

The indictment charged Bokovza with aggravated assault and possession of a knife for an unlawful purpose.

Indictment – Bukovza

Illustration. Photo: pixabay

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